K10 CK-4

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Ck-4: 10W / 40 15W / 40 20W / 40
Product Description:
It is made of PAO synthetic base oil, selected international leading composite additives and modulated by advanced pulse blending process. It can fully meet the lubrication requirements of euro-v engine, and is suitable for the new exhaust gas treatment system engine equipped with various exhaust cycle, diesel particulate filter, caterpillar Acer engine technology and other complex emission control hardware.
Low phosphorus formula can meet the requirements of OEM loading oil and service oil of major automobile manufacturers.
The anti-wear performance is improved by 50%, the engine is effectively protected, and the constant pressure technology is adopted. The excellent pressure performance and power output make the power lasting and strong.
Product features:
Low ash additive is used to improve the alkali retention capacity of oil products and meet the requirements of low emission engine.
Excellent high and low temperature performance to meet harsh environmental changes.
Save fuel, reduce exhaust emissions, environmentally friendly.
Specification: 4L, 18L

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