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Freezing point: - 15, - 25, - 35, - 45
Product Description:
Long term antifreeze has low freezing point, low viscosity, good low temperature flow performance and heat conduction performance.
It has excellent high-temperature cooling effect and fully guarantees the heat exchange performance between antifreeze and high-speed running parts of the vehicle.
The utility model has excellent scale, corrosion and cavitation resistance, which can protect the iron parts in the water tank of the vehicle from corrosion.
No damage to aluminum, copper, alloy and other metal parts; no swelling of rubber parts.
The product has high boiling point, small volatilization loss and enough alkali reserve.
For copper, brass, steel, cast iron, solder, cast aluminum, with breakthrough corrosion resistance.
Product features:
It can be used in all seasons and is suitable for the liquid circulation cooling system of various vehicle engines and construction machinery engines.
This product can not be mixed with other brands to ensure the quality of our products.
Specification: 4kg, 18kg

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