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API : CI-4  10W/40 15W/40 20W/50
Product Description:
It is made of VHVI hydrogenated base oil, selected new and unique imported composite additives, and modulated by advanced pulse blending process.
It is specially designed for EGR and turbocharged engine, with strong soot tolerance, effectively avoiding problems such as wear, oil thickening and oil supply difficulties caused by it,
It provides strong lubrication guarantee for the engine installed with euro Ⅳ and euro Ⅴ emission devices (in addition to adopting DPF technology of diesel particulate filter).
Product features:
It can effectively avoid the problems of wear, oil thickening and difficult oil supply caused by soot.
With constant pressure technology, excellent pressure performance and power output, the power is durable and strong.
Outstanding oxidation resistance, prolong service life of engine oil and reduce engine oil consumption.
Save fuel, reduce exhaust emissions, environmentally friendly.
Specification: 4L, 18L

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